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Filter TYPHOON Fan (white washable)

Spray Tan Machine Filter TYPHOON Fan (white washable), Spares - spray tanning equipment | SprayTanSupermarket
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Synthetic washable filter


Low cost WASHABLE filter for Typhoon Extractor Fans. These white/blue filters are designed to capture more overspray and increase airflow through the filter (improving extraction). Careful handling provides long-life use. Discolouration of the filter indicates staining (meaning filter needs cleaning).

Instructions for use:
(1) Remove from unit
(2) Rinse with WARM clean water
(3) Shake off excess water
(4) Lie flat to dry before replacing

Please note: improper cleaning, drying or using chemical or solvents will affect the fiter. Always rinse in warm water and leave to dry on flat surface or replace in unit.